IANTD Adv Rec Trimix

£275 - Four Days

The IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix course can be taken as an alternative to the IANTD Advanced Nitrox course for those divers who wish to take advantage of the reduced narcosis and associated safety benefits that helium-based bottom mixes offer. In addition to the Advanced Nitrox syllabus, the Advanced Recreational Trimix course covers the use of two standard recreational trimix bottom mixes - 32/15 and 28/25 - to a maximum depth of 48m.

An essential component of both courses is equipment configuration which is covered in a series of lectures and practical workshops. The aim being to construct a safe self sufficient equipment configuration that is streamlined, accessible and promotes familiarity.

Both courses run over 4 days during which time you will complete 5 dives, all theory and various practical development sessions.